100+ things that will let you know about btezra

1) I use the moniker “btezra” in jest of my good friend Ezra; from the days of fantasy baseball and Smash league. 2) I am in Pittsburgh, Pa 3) I am a living breathing card carrying liberal 4) I am a thirtysomething 5) I cannot sing, at all 6) I can, and will if enough Guinness is involved, sing a rip-roaring version of “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred 7) I do have two Latin Percussion congas, rhythm I got 8) I am an avid photographer 9) I have been all around this country but never out of the country, well, been to Mexico and Canada (will be headed to London this year ’03) 10) I have lived in Colorado, California, Arizona and Pennsylvania 11) I once did not have a neighbor for 5 miles on a ridge where it snowed in August 12) I do not like guns, of any kind 13) I have owned nothing but Volkswagens all my life 14) I know about 100 or so mechanics that can work on Volkswagens in probably 13 different states 15) I have a serious problem spelling the word “the correctly, it usually appears as “teh” 16) I have never been married, although came close three times 17) Boxers not briefs 18) three fav foods/places in PGH: sushi from Umi; a medium rare bacon blue burger from Tessaro’s; any of the nightly specials at Casbah 19) I am having a hard time letting go of Camel filters 20) I am a really good swimmer; especially butterfly 21) I have a thing for Spanish women and their accents 22) I work for a software company 23) I am a city person 24) If I was not living in Pittsburgh I would move back to Colorado in a heartbeat 25) I cannot stand canned peas 26) I am an avid supporter of equal rights for all 27) I have no love for homophobic people 28) I really enjoy other people’s kids, especial my nieces; 29) I am a wine-freak, especially Spanish reds, Campo Viejo Reserva 95 30) I love baseball, completely 31) I played hockey until a kid from my H.S.’s rival school broke my clavicle 32) I have seen well over 100 Grateful Dead shows 33) I drink Guinness, never touch anything that has the word “light” in it 34) I like to hold a door for a woman 35) I stay far away from old men in hats while driving 36) My grandmother wanted/thought I was going to become a priest 37) My DVD collection is growing out of control 38) I do not drink soda pop 39) I do not like to have snack foods in my house 40) I am addicted to Pringles, just not in my house 41) Meeting Mickey Mantle just before he died was one of the greatest sports memories in my life 42) I saw Mario Lemieux play his first game and score his first goal 43) Most of my best friends, my truest and oldest friends don’t live in Pittsburgh anymore 44) I am severely engaging when meeting people 45) I am persistent but not relentless beyond toleration 46) I have gained my father’s hairline, which is not really much on top, and I could really care less 47) I save a lot of money not having to buy shampoo/conditioner and get haircuts 48) My grandparents were off-the-boat immigrants from Germany 49) I can stand quite possibly any music genre except country and pop 50) I am not a virgin (as if that was not evident) 51) I have smoked really, really, really good pot before 52) I never skipped class in high school 53) I still have a crush on a girl from grade school names Patty 54) I am an Aquarius 55) I let my Pittsburgh accent slip out from time to time 56) I could eat a Primati’s Brothers Pastrami & cheese anytime, all the time 57) I want to skydive this year (2003) 58) I have a tidy life insurance policy (see #57) 59) I was involved in two car accidents which resulted in two of my ex-girlfriend’s cars (HRA) being totaled 60) HRA is one woman I will always adore and love and she does not hate me for being involved in two accidents where her cars were totaled 61) I work hard & play hard 62) I would like to learn how to speak Russian 63) I am a godfather to two of my nieces 64) I dislike math (thanks Sister Natalie) 65) I like to go camping in the winter especially 66) I am a winter person – absolutely cannot stand heat & humidity 67) I have a really tricky last name that no one can spell right on the first or second try 68) I live eat drink and sleep Steeler football 69) I am an avid “present-giver” 70) I am really bad at sending cards for any occasion 71) I am really good at remembering phone numbers and people’s names 72) I once got busted by my boss for having sex at work 73) I once spent the summer traveling in a VW Microbus for 5 months across the West 74) I have blue eyes 75) I am 6 feet tall 76) I do not like flavored coffee 77) I can cook like a champion 78) Even though I cannot dance I will if I have had enough Guinness 79) I shook Bill Clinton’s hand 80) I like to laugh, constantly 81) I come from a fairly traditional family, parents still happily married 82) I have a younger sister and an older brother 83) I am definitely “a middle child” 84) I can play the saxophone 85) I love live music and cannot live without it 86) I like my solitude from time to time 87) I have never missed voting in any election 88) I have a weak stomach when it comes to really odd/foul smells 89) I do not like talking on a cell phone 90) I drink kettle One Gibson martinis, but never touch the brown liquors 91) I have an internal body clock that likes to wake me up at 6 a.m. on the weekdays and by 9 a.m. on the weekends 92) I used to have a chocolate lab named Mushroom, now I have a cat named Zoe, which was HRA’s and my cat when we lived together 93) I do not drive drunk, I take a cab 94) I like to skinny-dip 95) I am lost when I forget to wear my watch 96) I want to retire before I am 50 97) I like museums 98) I do not like to shave on weekends 99) I was a best man three times 100) I take naps, a lot, when I can 101) I am the eternal optimist 102) I ski, I fall, I get back up 103) I live in the Friendship/Bloomfield area 104) If I had my choice, I would go barefoot, all the time 105) I have a habit of talking fast, very fast 106) One of my best friends is nicknamed “Huka” 107) I like reading the Sunday NY Times in bed 108) Five things you will always find in my fridge: Guinness, bottled water, blue cheese (fresh, Danish Blue), whole milk and salad 109) I do not like reliving high school (reunions & the like) 110) I used to sneak out of my parents house all the time to go out 111) I have no hesitation to party like a rock star 112) I have partied with rock stars 113) My father is the greatest man I have ever met 114) I would love to be able to write like some of my friends (Ezra) 115) I have lost well over 15 wallets in my life 116) I live in an apartment, but soon will decide where to buy a house of my own 117) Fav color: blue, green close second 118) I could fall asleep in the grass in a park at a drop of a hat 119) I once bought a school bus at a Grateful Dead show then traded it for tickets to an entire tour the following year 120) I shave my head from time to time 121) I let other people shave my head from time to time 122) I eat like there’s no tomorrow 123) I own far too many pairs of khaki pants 124) I own far too many suits: 16 125) I miss not seeing my friend Jennifer 126) I am a member of the “Mile High Club” 127) I am finished with this list.